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Dehydrated Chicken Treats

by Claws, Paws, & Raw


Dehydrated Chicken Treats


Homemade dehydrated chicken pet treats!! Perfect for your little carnivore :)
All treats are made with 100% human grade all natural chicken breast, slowly dehydrated over a span of 18 hours, then heat treated at 260 degrees for 10 minutes to ensure no bacteria remains while still retaining key nutrients.
Perfect for dental health or, break them into smaller pieces and use as a training treat!
No additives, just pure chicken breast.

Guaranteed Analysis:
Moisture (max): 12.90%
Protein (crude) (min): 80.86%
Fat (crude) (min): 5.64%
Fiber (crude) (max): 0.56%
Ash: 4.17%
Carbohydrates: 0%

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