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hashtag #Ferretlife Decal different sizes car laptop

by Dooks & Spoons


hashtag #Ferretlife Decal different sizes car laptop


Decal is about 6 inches wide and in outdoor vinyl.

Outdoor Vinyl is waterproof. It is removable but not reusable.

You can stick it anywhere smooth if you want to stick it on your walls I would suggest indoor. Please message me if you would like to order the decal in indoor.

The decal comes equipped with transfer paper already attached so it easier to apply.

Please message me for custom sizes.

Clean the area with alcohol first so it sticks better. If the letters aren't sticking use a credit card or the like and rub it back and forth on the transfer paper. Peel plastic off and stick on the clean area.

Message me if you want a bigger decal.

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