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Bed for hedgehog, guinea pig, rat and small pets, bedding for animals

by Ferret Shop Kids Pets


Bed for hedgehog, guinea pig, rat and small pets, bedding for animals

Cages & Pens

Hedgehogs and guinea pigs love to snuggle up in our soft and fluffy beds / houses. Our houses are the right size for your small pets, available in a variety of fabrics, and provide space for your hedgehog or guinea pig to sleep, hide and keep warm, making them feel safe.
soft fabrics can be machine washed. Hedgehogs love to have a roof over their heads (which cannot be obtained in a snug sack or log), hedgehogs love to sleep in their fleece bags
The outer layer is made of warm flannel fabric, and the inner layer is comfortable fleece fabric with an intermediate layer of batting to help the house / bag stay in shape. The large entrance means you can still see them, and they can see from the outside if they want to.
♥Flannel / cotton and fleece, hand made for small pets
♥ closed seams
♥ Machine wash
♥ 10 "x 10" х 8h"
♥ Note: This item will be custom made and dimensions may vary slightly due to handcrafted items.
♥the fabric on the house will be of my choice♥

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