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Harness with white angel wings. Collar for Ferret. Collar and leash for walking

by Ferret Shop Kids Pets


Harness with white angel wings. Collar for Ferret. Collar and leash for walking

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harness with angel wings.harness for a ferret. angel harness. angel wings. Christmas harness.new year gift for a ferret. ferret harness with angel wings.
A comfortable H-shaped harness for a ferret with angel wings will decorate the holiday and the walk.
wings are not dangerous! convenient to walk and take pictures

the harness is adjustable more-less
the leash is 2 meters long
reliable carbine
comfortable latches
Ferret costume Halloween pet clothes for ferrets. Bat wings. harness with wings. bat costume.
ferret costume Halloween pet clothes for ferrets bat wings.
Give your ferrets a harness and bat wings so they can join in the fun and spook this Halloween.
The kit includes a harness with a leash and bat wings.
the wingspan is 21 cm at the corners.
it does not prevent ferrets from moving and playing with other ferrets, it is safe! If you have an extra small or big ferret, you can always contact me and send measurements. Harness and leash for a walk with a ferret.
walk with a ferret.
The main tape is nylon, 10mm. harness for ferrets. each harness has a bell,
made of adjustable size.
neck girth min 14 cm, max 21 cm
girth behind the front legs min 15 cm, max 23 cm

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