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Ferret TUG TOY - two size options

by FerretHygge


Ferret TUG TOY - two size options


These tug toys are hand knitted for your ferret in vegan bulky yarn and are super soft for biting and have a tug handle on each end to add to the fun.

Original tug: The larger sized option for the ferret who likes to drag around the remote, your shoes, the cat, maybe an occasional small appliance ....

Mini tug: These ferret toy "eggs" have the same quality and style as my original tug toys, but these are mini, half the size, smaller, versatile, easier to lug around and sneak off to your favorite ferret hiding spot.

Each egg will vary, as they are a handmade original.

Care: Hand or machine wash at 30 ° C, use delicate chlorine-free detergents, dry on a flat surface, do not iron. (cotton / acrylic blend)

Colors may vary slightly due to computer resolution and lighting

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