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SNUGGLE NESTS - Ferret snuggle NEST several colors - chunky yarn :)

by FerretHygge


SNUGGLE NESTS - Ferret snuggle NEST several colors - chunky yarn :)


This cozy ferret nest is hand knitted in super soft heavy gauge chunky yarn. There are several colors to choose from and more on the way! The bottom half is double knitted with two strands of chunky yarn for a deluxe burrow you have to try out to believe. Birds would have a hard time outdoing the secure sanctuary of this thing. Don't worry there will be no branches or weird bird stuff in here, just complete napping pleasure.

Smaller nests - I really like this size and think they are cozy and fun and plan to continue making more color options for you. The smaller nests are approximately 8" high with an outside diameter at top of about 10". The video shows the smaller nest. I am now making a slightly larger version also, so I will have two options for you to choose from, for a few dollars more the larger nests are approximately a foot high with an outside diameter at top of about 11".

I am currently sold out of the larger nests, but plan to buy more yarn soon!

Each nest will vary since these are handmade, so you will be buying an original. All these nests, as I create them, want to express their personality and uniqueness. :)

I nabbed the firewood-colored nest for my ferrets, and I just watched Next Generation with popcorn and a ferret snuggled up in their nest on my lap. It's in the 30s out and this was so cozy. Probably my happiest moment all week.

small nests - $25
large nests - $28

100% polyester

Care Instructions:

Hand Wash, Cold
Dry Flat
Do Not Iron
Do Not Bleach
Do Not Dry Clean

colors may vary slightly due to computer resolution and lighting when photos taken

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