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DONATE | Vet Fund | Ferret Factions | Digital Artwork Download

by Ferretocracy


DONATE | Vet Fund | Ferret Factions | Digital Artwork Download


This vet fund donation includes a digital download gift of our beautiful ferrets for personal viewing and usage. Add this to your desktop, phone, or print yourself a physical copy for your wall. :) You could easily produce a large format poster from this file.

All ferrets were photographed together in their groups. All photos were enhanced using Photoshop to add additional elements to each scene. This is a wide format file 9,000 x 5,000 Pixels.

The Rayne Ferret Factions
The Stable Sables: Roo, Theo, Kat, Bear
The Blaze Boys: Artemis, Grey, Moose, Silver
The Fire Tribe: Lyra, Maya
The Queen: Tassi

This file comes with a personal use license. Viewing only. May print one copy every twelve months for private home/office use. No sharing, POD, commercial, or production for profit allowed.

All Rights Reserved. 2022.

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