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Best Ferret Toy EVER! Extra Long Jumbo Size Clear Funnel Thru-Way Crinkle Tubes

by Motor City Ferrets


Best Ferret Toy EVER! Extra Long Jumbo Size Clear Funnel Thru-Way Crinkle Tubes


Tubes are the most fun the ferrets of Motor City Ferrets can have with their clothes on! We have tubes of all sorts in the ferret room here at the shelter, but our crinkle tubes have been the absolutely favorite toy for all our critters for years now. Unlike store bought tubes, which often come from the same company that produces factory bred ferrets (BOO! HISS!), our tubes come from a small American business, and your tube purchase supports our shelter!

And as you can see from the photos, even feline friends love our crinkle tubes. That's big Beautiful Betty in the photos. She and her mustache don't quite fit in our 7" tube, but both she and her feline buds have enjoyed playing in our 10" diameter tubes.

See the full video of our tubes in action on our YouTube page. Search Motor City Ferrets, or copy this link to watch our tubes video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fSjBE1mQXNA

Tie them in knots to make a fun tumbleweed toy, run them behind / around furniture or under the bed, or even run them up the wall! All our clear Crinkle Tubes are 15' long.

NOTES: the tradeoff for the wonderful crinkle noise that our tubes make is the fact that eventually they will tear. But fret not, for tears just mean more entrances and exits for our critters to exploit. Our crew keeps on using tubes until they're just full of holes...and getting to that state takes months, even with our tubes being in heavy use here in our shelter. If you feel you must repair a tear, clear packing tape will make for a nearly invisible repair. Just an FYI so you know what to expect!

Also, remember that our tubes are spot-clean only as needed, do not submerge to clean or use hot water. We use bleach wipes here at the shelter, and a little spritz of your favorite cleaner is fine just for spot cleaning.

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