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Ferret Skin and Coat Supplement Treat Oil- Picklejuice Training Aid 4oz - 80 servings of 1.5ml each (without dispensing pump)

by Pickledferret's Parlor


Ferret Skin and Coat Supplement Treat Oil- Picklejuice Training Aid 4oz - 80 servings of 1.5ml each (without dispensing pump)


4oz Bottle = 120ml = 80 servings (1.5ml daily per ferret) Please see the alternate listing if you want the toggle top dispenser with your bottle.

Omega Fatty Acids are Essential to the Ferret's Diet: Fish oil contains 2 different Omega-3 fatty acids: EPA and DHA. Other essentials are Omega-6, LA and AA, both found in fatty tissue of prey animals, while LA can also be found in some vegetable oils. Omega-9 fatty acids are sourced from pumpkin seed oil and emu oil. ALL THREE OMEGAS ARE NECESSARY TO MAXIMIZE HEALTH BENEFITS & BUILD UP IMMUNE SYSTEMS--PLUS OFFER POWERFUL ANTIOXIDANTS!

Emu oil contains Vitamins A & E for healthy skin & coat. It also contains Oleic Acid and ALL 3 Omega fatty acids. It has very high antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. This blend contains human Grade "A" oil. Your out-of-control itchy ferret will feel relief when they are supplemented with fatty acids, especially during shedding season! This is a great alternative to the now-discontinued brand of Ferret-Tone.

All these oils degrade rapidly if exposed to oxygen or without refrigeration; I have sourced out natural "cold-pressed" oils with natural preservatives so the product is shelf-stable for months if kept in a cool dark place. You can transfer the oil to a glass bottle for optimum freshness. Refrigeration is not required but will extend the shelf-life to a year. Bottles come marked with a "Best By" date out six months because FRESHER is always better with any oil products!

Salmon Oil Simply "Isn't Enough" ~ Pure salmon oil is 23% Omega 3's. When compared with a well-known commercial ferret oil, which is primarily plant-based, soybean oil contains only 7% Omega-3. But there is SO much more: Carnivores need coverage of ALL the Omega spectrum and Pickle Juice offers all three Omega 3-6-9s in a balanced, delicious & addicting treat for pet ferrets. Even the pickiest ferrets will find it delightful!

*Contains ZERO BHT or controversial herbal preservatives like Rosemary extract
*Contains NO cod liver oil to avoid vitamin A toxicity
*Contains NO coconut, canola or olive oils
*Promotes Soft & Silky Coat; Helps balance natural skin oils to stop itchiness year round!
*Ferrets LOVE it! If they act like they don't...when introduced, please squirt a little via dropper in the side of their mouth and they'll be hooked once they TASTE it!
*Can be used as a Training Aid for litter box boot camp, coming to their name and tricks too
*Use it for a Distraction while clipping nails or use at the vet for a distraction
while your vet conducts the exam
*Serves as an attention-grabber; it calms rowdy ferrets and gives them a moment to relax and regroup - Great for snapping a cute photo
*Also works to help socialize new ferrets in the business & promotes grooming & affectionate
behavior with one another, you may even find yourself getting more "kisses"!
*Omega-6 fatty acids have demonstrated anti-inflammatory properties

Make sure to add on a glass or aluminum dropper bottle or the new *SQUEEZE bottle (sold separately from my store) as these are great for dispensing the oil treat!

100% of proceeds help care for rescue ferrets

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