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Large 28" x 34" Beige Quilted Dookie Pad Pet Ferret Dream Poops Easy Clean Washable Reusable Pads

by Pickledferret's Parlor


Large 28" x 34" Beige Quilted Dookie Pad Pet Ferret Dream Poops Easy Clean Washable Reusable Pads

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When it comes to Ferrets and #2 - Don't get fooled into thinking disposable is the way to go - These X-Large cloth quilted thick layered dookie pads are the bomb: *See my other listings for smaller and larger sizes of cloth dookie pads!

The pads are 28" x 34" - Large size for use in playpens, for multiple ferret households, frequently used places in your home, the perfect size for one ferret or multiples to get their business done! These are big enough you can use them in corners of your home where you place the litterbox to COVER where those ferrets go "Right Beside the Box" - You know what I mean? Check Mr. Dook in the photos wearing a homemade diaper!

Made in the USA - These have the waterproof beige backing (as shown in the photos) that doesn't let the wet soak through! Its durable material stands up to hundreds of washings. The beauty of this design is they are patterned with the crosshatch and the pattern hides the unsightly mess, very easy on the eyes - instead of those white pads that just glare of unsightly mess when the first bomb is dropped - You will notice the smell of the poop piling up before you notice all the poop on this wonderful crosshatch design pad - and they will hold a lot of dookie which is great for your BIG BUSINESS! They are so much more economical and friendly for the environment - stop throwing out paper and plastic disposable pads today.

Place these pads in playpens, by doorways, in popular corners of the ferret room, or on top of your high-dollar cage liners! The corners on these pads are rounded but that makes for a great benefit; You can actually fold the sides up and protect your baseboards and corners from the nasties (*SEE PHOTOS)! Same in the cage - no more cleaning dookie off the wall because these can be placed in a position where the pad catches "HIGH WALL POO" too, even when you use litter pans!

These are also appropriate for use with older ferrets if they begin losing their abilities to go potty and they can't make it. You can use one of these under their setup to keep their mess contained for easy and time-saving clean-up. Great also for use in shelter settings. These Large pads are rated for 7 oz liquid before needing to be changed, that's very generous for ferrets who pee and poo frequently.

No kidding these are the bomb! To clean them, just shake off the loose poo in the trash or outside daily (or as needed). You can also just pick poo off with a paper towel and dispose of it and run the pads through a hot wash load with Oxiclean or enzymatic detergent - use vinegar as a fabric softener and you are good to go! Make sure to use a washing machine cleaner regularly as well. I've been using similar Dookie Pads for over ten years and will never use paper or plastic pads again. Besides, the ferrets just shred them or roll them up! Not the case with these. Yes, your fuzzies may need a little training, but if you are using them in the corners under a litter box only to catch NEAR MISSES - you won't have any trouble at all. Make sure to reward your fuzzies for good potty box habits - Picklejuice Ferret Oil treat is great for that! You'll have all the ferrets hanging out in the LOO!

Go ahead and try them! Because Ferrets Won't Wear Diapers! Free Shipping on orders over $35 so buy more and SAVE!

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