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Sticker "Vampire Ferrets" Bat Ferret Decal 5.5" Wide Window/Locker/Car/Display Pride Die-Cut Sticker

by Pickledferret's Parlor


Sticker "Vampire Ferrets" Bat Ferret Decal 5.5" Wide Window/Locker/Car/Display Pride  Die-Cut Sticker


3.5" x 5.5" Batwing Shaped Die-Cut Pet Fan Fun Sticker Ferret Vampire Bat Proud Parent (Farent) Decal.

This sticker is bat-shaped with a white background with black bat wings and ferret along with the words "FERRETS" in red along the bat wings. The ferret also has a red tongue and nose. Are Ferrets the Source of the COV-19 Coronavirus? I don't think so but they are certainly doing their part in vaccine research as I've seen numerous credible stories in the news about their plight in studies to develop vaccines.

This is a really cute Ferret Fan and Dook Fanfare sticker that pokes fun of our little fuzzies friends being a little over ambitious with their mouth and teeth (especially untrained young ferrets!) Watch out for those toes! Show off your Pet Ferret Pride!

These durable vinyl stickers are great to place on windows, notebooks. lockers, bumpers or even your car! Made in the USA by great ferret parents at Motherdooker.com

The stickers are easy to apply and the laminating makes it easy to keep them clean. Great for indoor or outdoor use although they will eventually fade if kept in direct sunlight. The adhesive is permanent so make sure you know where you want to stick it because you can't reposition it.

Make sure to check my other listings and collect all the fun ferret designs! I hope you enjoy the photos of My Rescued Babies: Freckles, Indy & the Great Dublini.

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