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Freeze-Dried Raw Chicken Heart Treat

by The Pampered Ferret


Freeze-Dried Raw Chicken Heart Treat


Our freeze-dried raw chicken hearts are a healthy and delicious treat that ferrets of all ages will love! They are hand-cut into bite/stashable-size pieces, perfect for your carnivorous carpet shark!

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We craft all of our freeze-dried treats in-house using responsibly-sourced natural, organic chicken. All of our treats are free from from saline, nitrate, corn, fillers, sugar, carcinogens, wheat, and other artificial preservatives. Our freeze-dried treats are made in small-batches and are immediately impulse-sealed to retain the highest level of freshness for your fuzzy ferret. An oxygen absorber is included in every bag to ensure maximum freshness. Once opened, we recommend using the treats within 1 year.

Freeze-dried raw diets are known to support healthy digestion, strong teeth and gums, skin and coat health, and stamina and vitality.

About Us:
Our company is run by two neurotic doctors that LOVE their ferrets like children. We are state-licensed to prepare small-batch ferret food and treats. All of our products are specifically formulated for ferrets by exotic veterinarians and board-certified veterinary nutritionists. They are independently lab-tested, and hand-made in small batches so you always receive the freshest and highest-quality products.

freeze-dried chicken hearts

1 oz.

Guaranteed Analysis:
Crude Protein: 56.5% (min)
Crude Fat: 25% (min)
Crude Fiber: 0.79% (max)
Moisture: 16.35% (max)

Processing Time:
6-8 business days

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