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Healthy Salmon Oil Treat for Ferrets for Skin and Coat Health

by The Pampered Ferret


Healthy Salmon Oil Treat for Ferrets for Skin and Coat Health


Our 100%, all-natural, wild-caught, pure salmon oil contains no additives and is a healthy, nutritious treat specially created for your amazing fuzzy ferret!

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It is rich in omega-3 & omega-6 fatty acids which is a great supplement for skin, coat, heart, and brain health.

Why choose The Pampered Ferret Salmon oil?

Each bottle is always made to order and includes a bottling date so you know exactly when it was prepared.
Our salmon oil comes in a dark blue glass bottle with a dropper to assist with accurate dosage specifically for ferrets. The dark bottles protect the salmon oil from light degradation and from losing its nutritional benefits. Our glass bottles ensure there is no toxic leaching of chemicals which can occur with lower-quality plastic bottles. While the oil may be exposed to air as you are using it, our proper dosage dropper and smaller sized bottles ensure that the product is always fresh.

Why 30/60/120ml bottles?

We bottle our salmon oil in small glass bottles to maximize freshness, avoid overfeeding, and to ensure no product is wasted or degraded due to oxidation. We made this choice consciously because the safety of your ferret is our number one priority.

Here at The Pampered Ferret we are a state-licensed small-batch ferret food and treat producer. All our products have been laboratory tested for quality and guaranteed analysis.

We currently offer three sizes and a tester:
Tester 10ml (0.34 oz)
30mL (~1 oz)
60mL (~2 oz)
120mL (~4 oz)

Ingredients: Wild Caught Salmon Oil

Our company is run by two neurotic doctors that LOVE their ferrets like children. We are state-licensed to prepare small-batch ferret food and treats. All of our products are specifically formulated for ferrets by exotic veterinarians and board certified veterinary nutritionists. They are independently lab-tested, and hand-made in small batches so you always receive the freshest and highest-quality products.

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