Ferret Air-Dried Raw Food Chart

This information is for ferrets.
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Last updated: Sep 23, 2021 (1 month ago)

Air-dried raw is a healthier alternative to kibble. But like kibble, it can be served straight from the bag! It's also great for transitioning since it can be mixed with kibble.

It generally a) contains no fruits or veggies, b) has limited ingredients, and c) has high protein and fat content. It provides most of the benefits of a raw diet except moisture. But it is a lot easier to prepare and less messy.

Like all raw foods, it is more expensive up front, but it can help you avoid costly issues like insulinoma treatment or bladder-stone removal surgery in the future.


Analysis Ingredients
Name Score Meat Protein Fat grain-
1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
ZiwiPeak Chicken Recipe A+ 96% 38% 30% chicken chicken liver chicken heart new zealand green mussel chicken bone
ZiwiPeak Hauraki Plains Recipe A+ 96% 38% 32% chicken whole kahawai duck chicken heart turkey
ZiwiPeak Mackerel & Lamb Recipe A+ 96% 43% 25% mackerel lamb lamb heart lamb tripe lamb liver
Real Meat Chicken Recipe A+ 90% 30% 25% chicken chicken liver chicken heart chicken gizzard chicken neck
Real Meat Turkey Recipe A+ 90% 29% 26% turkey turkey liver turkey heart turkey gizzard turkey neck
Real Meat Turkey and Venison Recipe A+ 90% 34% 25% turkey venison turkey liver turkey heart turkey gizzard
ZiwiPeak Lamb Recipe A+ 96% 35% 33% lamb lamb heart lamb tripe lamb liver lamb kidney
Catit Gold Fern Chicken A+ 95% 43% 24% chicken chicken gizzards chicken liver green lipped mussel fish oil
ZiwiPeak Venison Recipe A+ 96% 45% 23% venison venison tripe venison heart venison lung venison liver
ZiwiPeak East Cape Recipe A+ 96% 38% 32% mutton goat whole kahawai goat tripe whole white trevally
ZiwiPeak Otago Valley Recipe A+ 96% 38% 32% beef venison lamb whole southern blue whiting hoki
Catit Gold Fern Lamb & Mackerel A+ 95% 36% 35% lamb mackerel lamb kidney lamb liver natural flavoring
ZiwiPeak Beef Recipe A+ 96% 38% 30% beef beef heart beef kidney beef tripe beef liver
Catit Gold Fern Beef A+ 95% 39% 24% beef beef kidney beef liver natural flavoring green-lipped mussel
Real Meat Lamb Recipe A 90% 30% 32% lamb lamb lung lamb liver vegetable glycerin pumpkin powder