An enrichment toy for ferrets

by ferretpapa Jul 25, 2021

Keeping ferrets happy is a never ending task. Toys that challenge them both mentally and physically are hard to find.

One of the best toys I've discovered recently is this treat puzzle toy!

It has varying levels of difficulty - the center white bone pieces can be removed, so that just the red ones slide left to right. So the easiest level is just to hide treats under the red pieces.

ferret enrichment treat puzzle toy

Next is that the red pieces also are hinged. It's a little tricky for ferrets because they only open in one direction. Mine could smell the treats and knew that they were inside the red boxes, but it took a while to learn how to open them. It's something they still struggle with a little bit (but that's a good thing - if it were too easy they'd get bored quickly).

And finally, the most difficult thing is to put the white bone pieces back in and put treats underneath them. It's not easy for ferrets to remove these. In fact so far none of mine have been able to, but I'm sure they'll figure it out eventually

The best part is that you can hide treats in different areas every time, so that they always have to do a little work to get them out. So far it's been a couple weeks and the toy hasn't gotten old yet. They get excited and run for it as soon as I let them out and start sniffing and nudging the pieces around.

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by ferretpapa Jun 13, 2021

Yesterday evening the GCFA got a call that somebody had found a ferret dying in a forest preserve 😣

She was barely able to lift her head and flies were swarming her 🤬 It was in the high 80s earlier in the day, thankfully rain had cooled it down which probably saved her life

A wonderful couple found her and called us and took her to their car. Another volunteer met them at the preserve and I was able to get the ferret from them and give her fluids

Thankfully she was not close to starving yet, it was mostly heat exhaustion and dehydration. She had probably only been stray for a couple days. Which is proof that a ferret escaping in the summer is a DEATH SENTENCE. FERRET PROOF YOUR HOMES

The absolute worst part was realizing that what I first thought were seeds on her were FLY EGGS 🤢

I still feel my skin crawling just looking at these pictures. @kittenxlady has an amazing YouTube video explaining that they have to be physically removed, and how to remove them. Unfortunately I didn’t have a flea comb at home and didn’t find her video until 2am (thanks to Covid nothing is open 24 hours)

So I did my best with tweezers and fingers and gave her a bath and went to Walmart as soon as they opened at 6am, got a cheap flea comb, and finished the job. I’m still going to check her and her bedding every few hours but I think I was able to get most if not all of them

She’s going to stay with me a few days… she is refusing to eat anything and has green diarrhea as well, so she will probably be starting antibiotics and Pepcid

I asked the couple who found her if they wanted to name her and they said Linne, because she was found in Linne Woods. She is so lucky they found her, she would’ve probably been eaten alive by maggots if she somehow survived the heat today

The couple donated the car carrier and $50 to the shelter… such wonderful people 😭 if anything we owe them for finding her and not leaving her there

She has strength (fighting me when I was combing and bathing her) and I think she’s going to be ok but she’s not out of the woods (literally) until she eats

Anyways just another day with the GCFA 😪

There are multiple pictures below, it's hard to see but there is a small right arrow on the right of the picture that you can click to see more.

Vitamins, Minerals, and Preservatives

by ferretpapa Apr 27, 2021

The food chart will now identify most vitamins, minerals, amino acids, additives, preservatives, and artificial flavors and colors. More will be added as I see that some are missing.

Foods with limited ingredients get a small bonus. These types of ingredients will no longer count towards the ingredient total because they're not really something that can be noticeably consumed. And most vitamins, minerals, and amino acids are good for the ferrets anyway, so they shouldn't be punished for having more of them.

Some manufacturers kind of "cheated" anyways, by just saying "vitamins and minerals" instead of listing them all out, so previously those foods were incorrectly getting a bonus for having limited ingredients. Now all foods will be ranked fairly regardless of how the ingredients are listed out.

I did notice that almost every food was now getting that bonus, so I made it more exclusive and set the maximum number of ingredients to 10 instead of 20.

Ferret.Love profiles!

by ferretpapa Apr 18, 2021

Some exciting news, you can now update your profile (username, social media, etc.) and add your ferrets as well!

Check my profile out here:

Profile pictures are coming soon too!

I also added a dark mode to the site, it'll change based on your phone/computer settings.

Ferret Food Chart Updates

by ferretpapa Feb 5, 2021

Update, Apr 29, 2021 - this is complete! I will probably continue to tweak the food scoring, but at least raw foods are not being incorrectly punished anymore.

Please be patient, I'm working on updating the food chart.

I'm adding a "meat %" to the calculation, which will bump a lot of the raw foods higher (currently some are as low as a "C" ranking but really they should all be higher than the kibbles).

Also updating pea information - research is showing that it's caused by a combination of 3 factors: peas in the diet, dehydration, and a genetic issue that some ferrets have. 

Ferrets are not good at keeping themselves hydrated, especially as they get older. You won't know if they have the genetic issue until it's too late and they've already developed stones. So why risk it? Eliminating peas is the only guaranteed way to eliminate stones. Kidney stones and bladder stones are painful enough already; being unable to pee for 24 hours and dying is a horrible way to go, and surgery is extremely risky and expensive.