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Made by Andrew Weber
Health Director at the Greater Chicago Ferret Association

I've had ferrets since 2014. I started out by reading Ferrets for Dummies and volunteering at the GCFA, but when I adopted my first 2 ferrets Sky and Emilia, like many people, I started out feeding kibble.

I did try to feed healthier kibbles (started with Blue Wilderness) and supplement with healthy treats like egg yolks. But then I learned about the link between peas and bladder stones, and Emilia developed a chicken sensitivity. I was extremely frustrated with the lack of information online and how difficult it was to find a healthy diet for my ferrets.

I'm sure many other ferret parents are out there who want to give their ferrets a healthier diet but aren't able to find what they need.

There are a few ferret kibble charts out there, but most of them are completely out of date, and processed by hand, which leaves a lot of room for human error and makes them hard to update. And of course, raw and canned foods are completely missing from their charts.

My food chart includes all different types of food, and the processing is done by my algorithm. I simply copy and paste the full list of ingredients plus a few small details in, and the ingredients are analyzed completely automatically and the food is given a score.

That means that my food chart is:

  • Unbiased
  • Accurate
  • Easy for me to update regularly

I'm also horrified at some of the websites that have been popping up in Google that are simply trying to use SEO to make money off of a pet that is growing in popularity. Many "ferret food" websites simply take the 10 most popular foods that they can find on Amazon and link to them so that they can get a commission. Most of these foods are simply unhealthy, but some are actually dangerous because of their pea content.

I'm currently the health director at the GCFA, one of the largest ferret shelters in the world. This is an unpaid volunteer position. I choose to dedicate my time and energy towards helping ferrets. You can trust that I will never link to anything unhealthy for the sake of profit.

How to support this website

The most important thing you can do is bookmark it and use it! Spread the word and share it with friends and on social media. More traffic helps me to appear higher on Google and beat other ferret websites that are just trying to profit off of ferrets.

I also started a Ko-fi page where you can support me with one-time or monthly donations ☺️ You can also subscribe on Instagram, which gives you access to some special subscriber-only stories.

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Finally, you can shop using one of these referral links (preferably Chewy) or any of the links from my food chart, and I'll earn a small commission.

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Mission Statement

My goal is to freely share information about ferret health and safety to improve the lives of ferrets around the world. 100% of profits generated through ads, referrals, sales, etc. will be donated to animal charities (mostly ferret-related). Ko-fi donations will go towards caring for my own rescued ferrets. I will never link to or attempt to profit on products that are dangerous or unhealthy for ferrets (e.g. FerretVite, foods containing peas, collars, etc.)

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