More profile customizations!

by ferretpapa

The number one feature requested on my feedback form so far has been more profile customizations!

I've added several new fonts and you can now preview the fonts in the dropdown. You can also choose bold or normal font weight. If you have a specific font you'd like me to add, just comment on this post or submit the feedback form and I'll try to add it (specifically anything from Adobe Fonts).

New fonts dropdown

I also added a couple more settings like setting a separate font for your custom links, and customizing the text color for your ferrets (previously you could only set the background color and the text color would always be white, which didn't work well for light colored backgrounds). And finally I fixed a few bugs so that your bio will use the "body font", and fixed bugs where the shapes wouldn't preview correctly.

What else would you like to be able to customize? Link button size, shadow? Let me know in the comments!

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