Meow Mix

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This information is for ferrets.
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Is Meow Mix a good ferret food? Can I feed Meow Mix to my ferrets? Read more below. We have 1 food listed below with a score of F

Meow Mix is a very poor diet for ferrets (and cats!). Three out of the top five ingredients are grains, which will give your ferret insulinoma (low blood sugar). The fourth is a low quality meat by-product, and the fifth is a vegetable. Just unbelievable that this is sold as food for carnivores.

Meow Mix food is available in the following countries. It may be available in other countries. Some foods may be limited to certain areas.
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Score Range



Analysis Ingredients
Name Score Meat Protein Fat grain- &
1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
F - 36% 15% chicken by-product meal brewers rice corn gluten meal whole ground corn soybean meal

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