This information is for ferrets.
If you have cats, please check out CatFoodChart.com

Website: orijenpetfoods.com

Last updated: (6 months ago)

Orijen food is available in Canada 🇨🇦
It may be available in other countries too. Some foods may be limited to certain areas.

Is Orijen a good ferret food? Can I feed Orijen to my ferrets? Read more below. We have 4 foods listed below ranging in score from F to F

Orijen would be a great kibble brand (they probably are great for cats), except they include trace amounts of peas in all of their foods. At the GCFA we have seen multiple ferrets eating Orijen develop stones requiring surgery.

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Score Range



Analysis Ingredients
Name Score Meat Protein Fat grain-
1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
Orijen Regional Red F - 40% 20% 26th deboned beef deboned wild boar deboned goat deboned lamb lamb liver
Orijen Tundra F - 40% 20% 21st deboned goat deboned wild boar whole arctic char deboned venison steelhead trout
Orijen Cat & Kitten F - 40% 20% 18th chicken meat turkey meat whole eggs chicken liver whole flounder
Orijen Six Fish F - 40% 20% 15th whole atlantic mackerel whole atlantic herring flounder whole acadian redfish atlantic monkfish