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Soft Grip Nail Clippers

by Chewy.com


Soft Grip Nail Clippers


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Use large, sturdy cat clippers like these when trimming your ferrets' nails. Don't use tiny clippers just because they are a small pet.

You can be more precise if you're able to hold the clippers comfortably. Small clippers means you'll make mistakes and cut too deep, causing them to bleed.

* At-home cat nail cutter takes care of long and sharp nails with ease, resulting in a positive experience for your cat.
* Heavy-duty spring action with stainless steel cutting blades effectively and safely cut the claws.
* Built-in safety guards prevents you from cutting too short so that you can clip with confidence.
* Non-slip, ergonomic handle stays in place and prevents hand fatigue, so you can get the job done quickly.
* Good for use on most small to medium-sized pet nails. Recommended as a part of your regular grooming routine.

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