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Snuggle BAGGY or TUNNEL - chunky yarn - you choose from a variety of styles and colors

by FerretHygge


Snuggle BAGGY or TUNNEL - chunky yarn - you choose from a variety of styles and colors


I am offering options, variety of color, shape and texture with these ferret snuggle baggies and tunnels and you choose at checkout. Each baggy and tunnel will be a one-of-a-kind pop of color fashion accessory and will keep your ferrets snuggly, cozy and warm. Burrowing is also an option.

BAGGIES currently available:

PLEASE NOTE the dimensions before you buy so you know it is the size you are looking for.

Spa and olive baggy
Approximately 15" x 11" of soft chunky yarn and is a great size for your human to lug you around and adore you as they are prone to do (see matching tunnel while supplies last)

Red velvet baggy
Approximately 16" x 11" in rich deep red chenille super chunky yarn with olive trim. Fluffy and comfy and a nice big opening for easy access.

Spa with pastel trim - Approximately 16" at base x 11" with a pastel bow for added cuteness. This baggy has a wide opening for easy access and burrowing pleasure.

Shades of soft baggy
hand knitted in soft pastels in super soft Bernat yarn. This one is a great size to carry around your friend and cozy up on a cold winter day. This has a lot of room and burrowing capacity and is approximately 16" x 12" of snuggle real estate.


Spa and olive (see matching baggy above, while supplies last and if you want to spoil your fuzzies rotten, there is a set :)
French lilac and spa blue

- Vibrant shots of color to brighten the room in soft chunky yarn. Weasel in one side and sneak out the other, play, nap, repeat. Approximately 14" x 11" of tunneling fun. Each snuggle item may vary slightly as these are handmade and unique.

- hand wash / lay flat to dry

Colors may vary slightly due to computer resolution

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