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Ferret BLANKET - 6 colors to choose from ... and sometimes an extra color :)

by FerretHygge


Ferret BLANKET - 6 colors to choose from ... and sometimes an extra color :)


The chunky yarn hand knitted ferret snuggle blanket is versatile and a must have for your ferret bedding collection. You can layer them for extra burrowing or lay a blanket flat on the floor, so it is available to plop down on when you've been zipping around the room like a maniac and suddenly feel the need to zonk. I even heard some bunnies and cats have taken over these blankets.

Extra color currently available: eggshell blue with pastel trim (the last photo will always show the extra color currently available)

Note - may or may not come with a bow, depending on how they decided to turn out. Also, the stuffed animal does not come with these listings.

Approximately 19" x 17" but each blanket will vary slightly since they are handmade and unique.

100% polyester

Care Instructions:

Hand Wash, Cold
Dry Flat
Do Not Iron
Do Not Bleach
Do Not Dry Clean

colors may vary slightly due to computer resolution

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