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The big ferret fun TUNNEL - more than one color option

by FerretHygge


The big ferret fun TUNNEL - more than one color option


This ferret fun tunnel is just under 3 feet of roomy, snuggly, burrowing happiness and is hand knitted in the super soft heavy gauge wrap up in this and zonk out for hours because you don't want to move chunky yarn. It is also built for play and complete weasel sneakiness. Bring all your friends and use the two entrances to dart inside and hide from your ferret friends or ambush them as you dash around to the other side, repeat. Or take a nap. Your choice. Roomy enough for several weasels.

Go ahead, spoil your noodles.

Tunnel is approximately 34" x 10" but each tunnel will vary slightly as you are getting a handmade original

PLEASE NOTE the dimensions before you buy so you know it is the size you are looking for.

100% polyester

Care Instructions:

Hand Wash, Cold
Dry Flat
Do Not Iron
Do Not Bleach
Do Not Dry Clean

colors may vary slightly due to computer resolution

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