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Cloud Lounger | Small 20" x 16" | Rose Outlines | Sleep Support Double-Layer 100% Cotton Fabric

by Ferretocracy


Cloud Lounger | Small 20" x 16" | Rose Outlines | Sleep Support Double-Layer 100% Cotton Fabric


Cloud Loungers are not a typical dog or cat bed that anticipates an animal will sleep with their paws and limbs drawn beneath them or fully to one side. We know that ferrets sleep in many different positions, the most common being curled into a C-shape or flat on their back, putting pressure on their spine and neck. Because of their sleep habits, we know it is vital that their daily bedding supports their flexible yet taut structure.

If you improve your fluff's sleep, you will improve their coat, skin, eye-sight, digestion, intelligence, and overall well-being. Though we jokingly call them furry slinkies, ferrets are not quite so pliable and do have a unique skeletal structure that requires care and caution. Our Cloud Lounger design is unique, focusing on isolating your fluff's body in comfortable ways that work with the body's natural structure to relieve tension, relax muscles, and lessen pressure points.

Each of our Cloud Loungers features five sections to maximize placement and comfort. The grooves are placed in a way that naturally allows your fluff to find their perfect position for optimal relaxation. All of our Cloud Loungers provide some comfy give when your pet rests on one of these amazing clouds. The fabric and fill allow a stretch for maximum comfort and individualized adaptation of the Cloud Lounger to each ferret.

💗 Small 20" x 16"
💗 Made of double-layered 100% cotton fabric that is remarkably durable.
💗 Cotton and polyester thread combination for maximum durability.
💗 Quilter's triple stitch and surged overlock finishing makes this product "seamless strong."
💗 Inside is Pet-Safe, Child-Safe, 100% Washable Premium Polyester Fiber Fill.

💗 Special design provides a more profound, restorative rest.
💗 Excellent as a mattress bed and helps to stabilize sleep, especially for recovering, ailing, or older fluffs.
💗 Specifically engineered for ferrets, but great for pets that are allowed to have cotton bedding, including cats and dogs.
💗 May improve rest by reducing sleep episodes such as night terrors, bed-wetting, apnea, and crying episodes, if not linked to a serious medical condition. Evidence is anecdotal and not clinically tested.

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