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Burrowing Bits

by Four Legged Luxuries


Burrowing Bits


We talk a lot about burrowing here at FLL, and this is what we mean, a big ol bag of fleece confetti. If you're about to check out, don't forget the one thing that can turn a good gift into a great gift, confetti.
Either for a new gift you want to make a little extra or breathing new life into an old favorite, confetti is a must have. Your burrowing pets will have a blast going thru this stuff as fast as they can, surprising each other in the process. Your builders will love making their home out of soft fleece strips that are so comfortable and provide good insulation, especially in the winter months. So if this is the first thing you're looking at, good on you for planning ahead; if this is your last stop on the way to the checkout, congratulations, you didn't forget, now you can checkout.


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