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Foam Fleece Tunnel

by Four Legged Luxuries


Foam Fleece Tunnel

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We have not met a single critter that doesn't enjoy themselves a good tunnel. Knowing that we created our Foam Fleece Tunnel, It was designed for the way your pets play, hard and sporadic. Perfect for zooming thru during raucous play or crashing in when they're done, your furry friends are gonna love our Foam Fleece Tunnel.
As with all of our products, our Foam Fleece Tunnel is made with 2 layers of fleece with 1 layer of absorbent Uhaul in between for optimal wicking and odor control. Included with your purchase is a matching pee pad for an extra layer of protection. We offer an alternative tunnel with a fleece forest at the end for some added privacy. See our other listing for more details.

One Size: 12.5 (L) x 7 (W) x 6 (H)


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