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Large - Hanging Corner Basket

by Four Legged Luxuries


Large - Hanging Corner Basket


We here at FLL love our Corner Hanging Basket because our customers and their pets love it. So we doubled down on our original to bring you the Large Corner Hanging Basket, all the things you love about the first only 2X. More of a theater seat than a hammock, this deep well larger version of our original allows for more burrowing, greater security, and room for a friend. Your little guys will have a blast digging through burrowing bits or playing with one of the six pom-poms provided. But if it's a nap they're looking for; then they've come to the right place because there is more than enough room for a few friends to pile in and call it a night. So what are you waiting for, give your furry little friends an awesome gift and a proper perch from whence to look down. As with all of our products, our Large Corner Hanging Basket is made with 2 layers of fleece and 1 layer of absorbent Uhaul in between for optimal wicking and odor control.

Small: 13”(L) x 9”(W) x 5”(H) (sugar glider, rats)
Large: 16.5”(L) x 11.5”(W) x 8”(H) (chinchilla, ferret)

This listing is for LARGE.
For SMALL: https://etsy.me/2mGmUl2


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