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Crinkle Tunnel

by Happie Ferretz


Crinkle Tunnel


Hello fellow pet parents,

Has your ferret been in a funk? Have you been looking for a new fun activity to add to play time? Well look NO further!

From stimulating crinkle sounds and ZOOM-ing through one of our tunnels, to taking a cozy nap, your ferrets will be what we call some HappieFerretz.

Our Crinkle Tunnels are made 100% with love. We also use materials such as fleece fabric, 100% cotton thread, and crinkle paper. Diameter: 8" Length: 23" *size may slightly differ*

Here at HappieFerretz we are committed to creating safe and fun interactive accessories for your ferrets to enjoy. If you are looking for more items like this, please stay tuned to see more creations like this one.

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