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Sweet Peter's Book of Life

by Ivanka


Sweet Peter's Book of Life

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“Peter never allowed to kiss him a lot. After the first kiss on the ear or on the nose, he used to stick a paw into your mouth in a gesture of protest”

Peter the Fat Ferret is the hero of the story, and the main inspiring angel behind the book “Sweet Peter’s Book of Life”. The book tells the story of the two ferrets, Rusya and Peter, and offers ideas for self-reflection and emotional healing along the read. “Sweet Peter’s Book of Life” is a remedy for broken hearts, written with love and sympathy. This book is death-positive, comforting, and deeply spiritual.

It addresses:
- the shattering guilt and shame experienced by most pet parents
- euthanasia and natural death
- coping with emotions
- lack of support from family and friends
- signs from deceased pets “from the other side”
- emotional and spiritual connection with deceased pets
- the concept of spiritual aftercare
This book is dedicated to all precious pets ever lost, and to all the loving pet parents.

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