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Fleece Toys Samplers for Ferrets, Cats, Rats & Small Animals

by Motor City Ferrets


Fleece Toys Samplers for Ferrets, Cats, Rats & Small Animals


Made entirely of fleece by dedicated shelter volunteers, our toys are irresistible to our ferrets, our resident cat, and any wee ‘un who loves things that are chewy and stashable. Warning: you might only see some of these toys once, when you first give them to your critters – for many will soon be stashed!

Dangly toys are excellent for those who enjoy jumping and pouncing at waggly things. Our long Waggly Fronds are what we call "back savers," because they allow the humans to play with the ferrets without stooping over. And then, when they're not in toy use, Waggly Fronds in the bottom of a box are wonderful for weezils to curl up in for a nap. Jingley Wingleys and Rattley Pillows are always a favorite in our shelter, because of course they make noise, and are spongy enough to be carried away!

While we can't guarantee any critter will play with any certain toy, all our designs have been tried and true winners in our shelter over the years. All toys are fully machine washable, and built to last a good long time. But with all toys, if you notice your critter chewing to the point of removing any pieces, discard and try another type of toy.

We make toys with a variety of solid color and/or patterned fleece. While we don't list toys individually, so we'll appreciate you letting us choose color selections for you, we are always happy to hear what your favorite colors are and try to find just the right toys for you from our stash!

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