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Waggly Frond Fleece Fringe Rope Toy, Snuggle Buddy, Climbing Vine

by Motor City Ferrets


Waggly Frond Fleece Fringe Rope Toy, Snuggle Buddy, Climbing Vine


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Made entirely of fleece by the head hooman bean at the Motor City Ferrets shelter, and securely knotted over the entire length of the toy, Waggly Fronds are built to last. Around here we call them “The Back Saver” toys. In other words, you can play with your 8” tall ferret from the comfort of a completely standing position! Waggly Fronds are excellent for waggling in front of a bouncing ferret, so critter can pounce, and even jump on and hang on for a ride. You can also wrap the ferret up a couple of times in the length, then spill them back on out…you get the idea. And then at bedtime, if we pile a few frond toys in a bin, our ferrets can’t resist snuggling down into all those comfy fronds! Waggly Fronds measure anywhere from 28 to 40 inches long, and 4 to 7 inches wide.

If you'd like to use a Waggly Frond as a climbing rope for the wee 'uns, just message after you order and we'll add hanging hooks!

All our fleece toys are fully machine washable, and built to last a good long time. But like any toy, if you notice your critter chewing to the point of removing any pieces, discard and try another type of toy.

All our fleece toys are made with a variety of solid color and/or patterned fleece. While we don't list toys individually, so we'll appreciate you letting us choose color selections for you, we are always happy to hear what your favorite colors are and try to find just the right toys for you from our stash.

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