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Stashers Choos - Individual Mini Sneaker Shoe Hauling Hoarding Toys for Ferrets Choose your color!

by Pickledferret's Parlor


Stashers Choos - Individual Mini Sneaker Shoe Hauling Hoarding Toys for Ferrets Choose your color!


Listing is for ONE 3 inch SHOE of your choice of colors! No, ferrets don't wear shoes. And brands don't matter to ferrets. We Know because they will haul and stash any shoe they can get their grubby lil' paws on. Well, now there are "STASHERS" - CHOOS - Just for Ferrets!

These cute little sneakers look just like a human shoe only ferret sized. These don't come in pairs because they are for ferrets and I want you to be able to buy one of each color! Please note the ORANGE choo is next to the RED choo so you can see that it actually is orange instead of pinkish red. Each "CHOO" is 3" long and they come in a rainbow of colors - Just make your selection of colors by choosing from the custom options - Make sure to collect all the colors because the fuzzies are going to love stashing, hiding, hoarding these Stashers Choos! These have adorable little shoestrings as well so you can tie the shoe to something to give your ferret a challenge so he will really have to work for his prize. For safety, these do not have metal eyelets for the shoestrings because we don't want our fuzzy ingesting anything weird.

The rubber on these is pretty durable. Please note these do have rubber soles just like real human shoes, so please do not leave the CHOOS unattended with ferrets. They are for the playpen or playroom with supervised play - and the colorful Choos will make for some great ferret photo opportunities!

Continual use and or animal chewing and scratching may cause wear. Make sure to inspect toys regularly to make sure they are not being chewed or ingested. To avoid injury to your ferret, make sure to discontinue use if you see signs of excessive wear. The toughness of these toys will be determined by some powerful jaws (i.e. Carpet Sharks!) but seriously, my ferrets only stash them in the Super Secret Hidey spot...which then gets cleaned up when Mom or Day picks up stuff to vacuum weekly and then they are retrieved from the toy box and back to yet another, even MORE, Super Secret Hidey Stash Spot! Ferrets! You Gotta Love 'Em!

Make sure to check my other listings for an additional variety of toys and treats as well as bedding, chux cloth dookie pads and gift sets, even stuff for the human caretakers too! Free shipping on orders over $35 so Buy more and SAVE!

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