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Can ferrets eat food with peas?

Are peas safe for ferrets? Do peas cause bladder stones in ferrets?

by ferretpapa


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What's the big deal about peas?

Peas have been linked to kidney stones in ferrets. Kidney stones pass into the bladder to become bladder stones. Bladder stones pass through the urethra and can get stuck and block your ferret from being able to urinate. This is especially dangerous for male ferrets since their urethra is so small.

If the blockage is not cleared within 24 hours, your ferret WILL die an excruciatingly painful death.

Stones can usually only be removed by surgery, which itself is risky and expensive, especially since it will need to be an emergency surgery.

These stones are caused by a combination of factors.

  • Peas in the food - EVEN TRACE AMOUNTS.
  • A genetic predisposition to developing stones - Some ferrets are fine eating peas. But you won't know until it's too late.
  • Dehydration - Ferrets are not great at keeping themselves hydrated, especially older ones. This isn't necessary for stones to generate but it does increase the likelihood.

The ONLY one of these factors under your control is #1. So why risk it? There are plenty of healthy pea-free foods available. There is absolutely no excuse for risking your ferrets' lives.

Hundreds if not thousands of poor ferrets have had to go through surgery or died from this. Please don't let their lives go to waste - learn from them.

100% pea-free ferret food chart

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