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All About Diet

1. Which type of ferret food is best?

Download my Ferret Diet pamphlet PDF Whole prey (mice, chicks, etc.) is the absolute best diet you can feed. However, this is very difficult for most people and is easy to mess up. If you pla... read more

2. Can ferrets eat cat food?

This is an extremely broad question. There are all different types of cat foods and ferret foods. Ferrets and cats are both obligate carnivores meaning they need a strictly meat-based diet. So in... read more

3. How can I switch my ferret to a better diet?

I have switched dozens, and possibly hundreds, of ferrets to new diets. And yes, they can be picky. Some ferrets will instantly try any new food that's offered to them while others will take months of... read more

4. How to make soup for ferrets?

Soup, or "soupies", is basically any warm, liquid, meat-based food for ferrets. It can be given as a treat to healthy ferrets, but also has a ton of uses for sick ferrets, for example: A malnou... read more

5. Can ferrets eat grain-free food?

Are grains bad for ferrets? Yes, grains are a complex carbohydrate that breaks down into sugars, and can increase the likelihood of them getting insulinoma. So does that mean grain-free foods are good... read more

6. Can ferrets eat food with peas?

What's the big deal about peas? Peas have been linked to kidney stones in ferrets. Kidney stones pass into the bladder to become bladder stones. Bladder stones pass through the urethra and can ge... read more