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Midwest Ferret Nation Deluxe Ferret Cage

by Chewy.com


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Midwest Ferret Nation Deluxe Ferret Cage

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The MidWest Ferret Nation Deluxe Single Unit Ferret Cage gives your ferret the safe, spacious environment he needs to be happy and healthy. This ultimate habitat includes a ramp and ramp cover, a resting shelf and a base pan that’s easy to remove for cleaning. The shelf also includes a removable pan for easy cleaning. Your ferret will enjoy a generous play area, and the habitat’s overall design helps to prevent dangerous falls. Full-width double doors allow for easy access and critter-proof dual-locking latches allow for one-handed operation while ensuring your furry friend can’t open the doors. With multiple attachment points, you can customize the cage with all of your ferret’s favorites, like hammocks, toys and other accessories.

* Includes cage, stand, pan, shelf and ramp with cover.
* Full-width base pan and additional shelf pan are removable for easy and thorough cleaning.
* Full-width double doors and critter-proof dual-locking latches maximize security and convenience.
* Sturdy square tube frame and durable wire metal make the cage durable, and 4 locking wheel casters allow for easy maneuvering.
* Also suitable for other pets like guinea pigs, rats and chinchillas.

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