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What is the best cage for ferrets?

What is the best cage for ferrets?

by ferretpapa

What is the best cage for ferrets?

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The only cage I recommend is the Midwest Ferret Nation cage. (Or the Critter Nation if the FN is not available.) And no, Midwest is not paying me to advertise it. It is simply the only cage I will ever recommend or buy for myself.

Ferret Nation Other Cages
Large shelves Tiny shelves - can barely fit a bed
Plastic floors - safe, easy to clean Wire floors - cause permanent damage to ferret feet
Plastic ladders (new versions) - safe, easy to climb Wire ladders - toes get caught, too steep
Large doors - easy to get inside and clean Small doors - hard to get inside and clean
Strong cage bars Flimsy cage bars - ferrets can get stuck trying to squeeze out
Constantly improving product  

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Problems with other cages:

  • The shelves are usually way too small. They end up being useless because they can't even fit a bed.
  • Many cages have wire floors which will cause permanent damage to ferret feet
  • The ladders are either wire (their toes can get stuck), or if they're plastic they have no grip, or they're too steep
  • The doors are too small, which makes it hard to clean (especially moving big litter boxes in and out of the cage)
  • The wires are too flimsy, meaning determined ferrets can squeeze through and get stuck, which will kill them

The Ferret Nation cage solves all of these issues.

  • It has wide shelves with plenty of space for a bed
  • It has plastic floors which are much better for their feet and easy to clean
  • The newest models have plastic ladders which are easy to climb without getting toes stuck
  • The 2 doors on each level open fully, which makes it very easy to get inside and clean
  • The wires are very strong and impossible for a ferret to bend or squeeze through

Possibly the best thing about the Midwest brand is that they are constantly improving their cages and listening to customer feedback

  • Older versions of their cage used screws so they were a pain to assemble. Newer ones simply hammer in with a rubber mallet.
  • Older versions would flake and rust, newer ones do not
  • Older versions had wire ladders which their toes could get stuck in, newer ones have plastic ridged ladders that are safer but still easy to climb
  • New plastic trays are reinforced so that they don't lose their shape

I wish Midwest would look into releasing other ferret products like litter boxes, because they clearly care about making the best quality products for ferrets and their humans.

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