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What are the best cleaning sprays for ferrets?

What are safe sprays for cleaning my floors?

by ferretpapa

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I've tested pretty much every cleaning spray out there and I've found a few that work really well.

For breaking down messes

Nature's Miracle and Skout's Honor are especially good for breaking down poop and pee. Especially if you didn't notice it when it was fresh and it has dried and hardened (shudder), these sprays do a good job of softening and loosening it. You have to let it sit for several minutes so that the enzymes can do their job, but then it's easy to clean up after.

I used to be a bigger Nature's Miracle fan but they keep changing their scents, and sometimes the scents are honestly worse than what you're cleaning up. So lately I've switched to Skout's Honor which has a much milder citrus scent and still cleans just as well.

Where these two products fall short is blocking/neutralizing odors, which is extremely important, because if your ferrets can still smell the poop and pee, they'll continue to go in the same spot. So it's best to follow up with an odor-neutralizing spray.

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For removing stains on carpet

Purrfect Potion describes itself as an "oxygen bomb" that breaks down odor-causing bacteria. It doesn't use any enzymes. I find it most useful for removing stains on area rugs and carpets, although it does help on hard floors too.

You first clean up the mess as well as you can with paper towels, and then spray the potion and let it sit for 24 hours. You don't have to wipe it up, because it continually works over that 24 hour period, and then air dries. It does an excellent job of removing stains (they also provide a UV flashlight which helps you find stains) and it helps a lot with removing odors in rugs and carpets.

The biggest downside is having to let it sit for 24 hours. Touching the potion with your skin causes a minor "burn", kind of like when bleach contacts your skin. It's not permanent damage and it clears up within an hour or so, but it does sting a little bit. So you also have to worry about the ferrets stepping on it - again it won't really hurt them, but you don't want their little paw pads getting stung either. The other minor downside is that things smell worse briefly after you spray, but that just means the potion is working.

Purrfect Potion also does an amazing job at breaking down poop/pee but since it's fairly expensive and other products do that well too, I save it for the carpet stains.

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I don't get a commission for Purrfect Potion, I just like their product that much!

For neutralizing odors

A new product I just discovered recently is NuKleen. This spray fills in the biggest gap I had, which is removing odors on hard floors, especially my wood floor. The Nature's Miracle really does nothing to destroy odors, so everything looks clean, but still smells horrible. Especially because the urine gets in the cracks.

NuKleen uses enzymes to destroy odor-causing bacteria. It does a really amazing job of neutralizing smells. I've just started using it and will report back more with its effectiveness. But so far it has definitely helped my living room to smell a lot better.

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I don't get a commission for NuKleen, I just like their product that much!


So to summarize, I use a combination of the above 3 products:

  • Skout's Honor / Nature's Miracle - to soften messes and clean them up visually
  • Purrfect Potion - to remove stains from area rugs and carpets (and help with odor)
  • NuKleen - to neutralize odors, especially on hard floors and in between cracks
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