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Beginner's Guide to Ferrets

New to ferrets? Thinking about getting one? This guide covers all of the basics (except diet - that is a huge topic that needs a series of its own)

1. Are ferrets good pets?

Ferrets are smart, funny, and playful but they're a lot of work and prone to health issues. If you know what you're getting into they're the best pets ever. Prone to health issues as they get old... read more

2. What do I need for my first ferret?

What you need Ferret Nation cage A high quality air purifier Fleece bedding - get it on Etsy! The bedding you'll find at Petco, Petsmart, etc. is all junk. I have pulled all of the best ferret... read more

3. What is the best cage for ferrets?

The only cage I recommend is the Midwest Ferret Nation cage. (Or the Critter Nation if the FN is not available.) And no, Midwest is not paying me to advertise it. It is simply the only cage I will eve... read more

4. Should I use a water bottle or bowl for my ferrets?

Water bottles are not great for ferrets. They don’t provide adequate water. And they were designed for rodent teeth, not ferret teeth - ferrets can damage their teeth on the bottles. However, I have... read more

5. What are good toys for ferrets?

The first thing to keep in mind is that every ferret is different. Some really love toys, some prefer to play with other ferrets, others prefer to play with their human companion. The ones who like to... read more

6. How to litter train my ferret?

Ferrets are naturally clean creatures. Without any training they will poop away from their food, water, and beds. They are also habit-forming creatures, so the younger you start litter training t... read more

7. Should I get my ferret a friend?

Are ferrets social? Many people like to say "ferrets are social." This is a MYTH. Or more accurately, it's just an overly generalized statement. While many ferrets are social, many are not. So... read more

8. How to control ferret odor?

Do ferrets smell? Yes, ferrets have a scent and each ferret's scent is different! I've had some that smelled like sweet molasses, others like corn chips, and some very musky like a skunk! I love all o... read more

9. How often should I take my ferret to the vet?

Ideally you should take your ferret to the vet at least once a year. If they're younger (< 4 years old), you can probably get away with just going every other year. But some health issues can surface... read more

10. Why do ferret owners hate Marshall Farms?

Make no mistake, Marshall "Farms" is not some cute, cozy rural haven for ferrets. It is a massive factory farm and a multi-billion dollar company, breeding dogs, ferrets, pigs, and other animals, most... read more

11. How can I stop supporting Marshall Farms?

Ferrets Obviously, first things first, don't buy a ferret from a pet store. Almost every pet store in the US sources their ferrets from Marshall Farms. If you want to get your first ferret, pleas... read more