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Is the Midwest Critter Nation cage okay for ferrets?

What's the difference between the Ferret Nation and Critter Nation cage? Can the Critter Nation cage be used for ferrets?

by ferretpapa

Is the Midwest Critter Nation cage okay for ferrets?


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The Ferret Nation and Critter Nation cages are very similar.

Literally the only difference is in the direction of the bars and the spacing between the bars.

The Ferret Nation cage bars are placed vertically and spaced slightly further apart.

  • This prevents them from climbing the cage
  • It lets you see through the cage bars more easily which is nice
  • Water bottles and wall-attached bowls fit more easily

The Critter Nation cage bars are placed horizontally and with less spacing between them.

  • Ferrets can easily climb these cages. This may be a safety concern, however, my ferrets have always been able to safely climb up and down as long as the cage is near a wall. If they have an inch or 2 of space between the cage and the wall, they're smart enough to climb down on that side so that the wall provides support and they don't fall.
  • Since the bars are so close together, you can't see inside the cage as easily.

Bottom Line

The Ferret Nation cage is slightly nicer aesthetically.

If you're paranoid about safety (which is understandable - ferrets get themselves into trouble), the Ferret Nation is slightly safer since most ferrets can't climb it.

However, my biggest regret from switching from the Critter Nation cage to the Ferret Nation was that my ferrets could no longer climb the cage. As long as it's supervised, it is a really fun activity for them.

The Critter Nation cage is more suited for small pets like rats and chinchillas. So if you think you may ever use it for something else besides ferrets, it may be the better choice.

If you're having difficulty finding one or the other (supply shortages lately) then either one will be fine. Both are far superior to any other ferret cage on the market.

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