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New social media features

by ferretpapa

I've noticed some people have multiple Instagram/Facebook profiles that they want to share, so I made some improvements. Previously you were limited to one of each type, and you could not control what order they were in.

new social media feature

Well, now you can add as many social media profiles as you want! And you can drag and drop to rearrange them just like you can with your profile links. Just head over to your Edit Profile page to update your social links.

I also added Twitch as a new option. Any other social media platforms I should add?

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All About Diet, Part 6

Can ferrets eat food with peas?

What's the big deal about peas?

Peas have been linked to kidney stones in ferrets. Kidney stones pass into the bladder to become bladder stones. Bladder stones pass through the urethra and can get stuck and block your ferret from being able to urinate. This is especially dangerous for male ferrets since their urethra is so small.

If the blockage is not cleared within 24 hours, your ferret WILL die an excruciatingly painful death.

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What are the best cleaning sprays for ferrets?

I've tested pretty much every cleaning spray out there and I've found a few that work really well.

For breaking down messes

Nature's Miracle and Skout's Honor are especially good for breaking down poop and pee. Especially if you didn't notice it when it was fresh and it has dried and hardened (shudder), these sprays do a good job of softening and loosening it. You have to let it sit for several minutes so that the enzymes can do their job, but then it's easy to clean up after.

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How often should I take my ferret to the vet?

Ideally you should take your ferret to the vet at least once a year. If they're younger (< 4 years old), you can probably get away with just going every other year. But some health issues can surface at a very young age. Once they get middle-aged I highly recommend going annually even if nothing appears to be wrong.

An annual exam is a good investment. Your vet will be able to examine their body, feel for any masses in their abdomen, and listen to their heart beat for any irregularities. If everything checks out, then you can have some peace of mind.

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