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More profile customizations!

by ferretpapa

The number one feature requested on my feedback form so far has been more profile customizations!

I've added several new fonts and you can now preview the fonts in the dropdown. You can also choose bold or normal font weight. If you have a specific font you'd like me to add, just comment on this post or submit the feedback form and I'll try to add it (specifically anything from Adobe Fonts).

New fonts dropdown

I also added a couple more settings like setting a separate font for your custom links, and customizing the text color for your ferrets (previously you could only set the background color and the text color would always be white, which didn't work well for light colored backgrounds). And finally I fixed a few bugs so that your bio will use the "body font", and fixed bugs where the shapes wouldn't preview correctly.

What else would you like to be able to customize? Link button size, shadow? Let me know in the comments!

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How big do ferrets get?

The shelter management software I made for the GCFA allows us to pull some cool statistics like this! The average female ferret at the GCFA weighs 0.76 kg (1 lb 10.8 oz) and the average male weighs 1.07 kg (2 lb 5.7 oz). Males are 40% heavier on average. Over 99% of these ferrets are Marshall ferrets.

Average ferret weights at the GCFA

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All About Diet, Part 5

Can ferrets eat grain-free food?

Are grains bad for ferrets? Yes, grains are a complex carbohydrate that breaks down into sugars, and can increase the likelihood of them getting insulinoma. So does that mean grain-free foods are good? Not necessarily.

The problem is the phrase "grain-free". That can mean a few different things. No grains is good – the question is, what were those grains replaced with?

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How to know when your ferret is ready for euthanasia?

This is not an easy answer, and you know your ferret better than anyone. But I think there are some things I can share, since I unfortunately have a lot of experience with this.

First of all, ferrets don't die of natural causes. They don't die of old age, it just doesn't happen. If you think your ferret died of old age, it probably had some chronic illness that you just weren't aware of. Of course, there may be some rare exceptions to this, but for the most part, every ferret will have one or multiple types of cancer by the time it reaches old age.

A ferret's natural life expectancy used to be 10-12 years. These days, they're lucky to make it to 5-7 years old. So if you have a 7 year old, and it's slowing down, there's probably something going on inside.

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