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Support me on Ko-fi

by ferretpapa

I just started a Ko-fi page where you can support me with one-time or monthly donations ☺️

Ko-fi iconSupport me on Ko-fi

Every ferret around the world deserves a happy, healthy life, and I will always share as much as I can for free. My email and Instagram DMs are always open as well if people have questions.

However, donations will help me to support my own rescued ferrets and to free up my time to work on research, writing, and developing my website.

All of my ferrets except Auri have been adopted from the GCFA, many of them already on their last legs when I take them home. The GCFA has a program where some of the chronically ill ferrets from the shelter can go to their forever home but the shelter continues to pay their vet bills. But I don't take part in this program - aside from some medications, I pay for all of my ferrets out of my own pocket. In 2021 I had over $10,000 in vet bills that I paid for myself.

My current focus is to write more Q&A Articles and flesh out the ones that are currently there. If my content is enjoyable or useful to you, please consider supporting me!

Another way you can support me is to shop with Chewy.com using this link, or any of the links from my food chart, and I'll earn a small commission.

Thank you in advance for your support!

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