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New feature: your own ferret calendar!

by ferretpapa

If you go to your profile, you'll see a "My Calendar" link in the top right. This will link to your very own calendar which has all of your ferrets' birthdays and anniversaries on it!

My Calendar button

Click the "Copy" button to add the link to your clipboard. Then just follow the instructions for adding an external calendar to your calendar:

Now you'll see all of these special days on your calendar. The best part is, you can share this URL with your friends and family too!

Calendar event


  • You can download the "My Calendar" file too, but then it won't sync any updates. It's best to subscribe to the URL from your calendar application.
  • If you add new birthdays/anniversaries, it may take a few days for your calendar to sync the changes.

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Why do ferret owners hate Marshall Farms?

Here are a few reasons:

Their breeding facilities have been investigated and cited for animal welfare violations dozens of times - not just for ferrets but for dogs, pigs, and other animals.

They sell ferrets to laboratories (e.g. for flu and Covid vaccines since ferrets have similar immune systems to humans).

Their poor breeding practices have likely contributed to higher rates of heart disease, lymphoma, and other chronic illnesses and a steep decline in ferret life expectancy over the last few decades.

They spay and neuter their ferrets far too young, which likely causes hormonal issues and contributes to adrenal disease as they get older.

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How to care for older ferrets?

As ferrets get older they often develop some issues, especially with mobility.

  • They're weaker and can't lift their heads or bodies up as well
  • They can't make it to their litter box (either can't hold it, or are unable to climb in)
  • They can't climb onto shelves in their cage, even with ladders
  • They have difficulty walking on hard floors
  • They may start soiling their beds or themselves

Here are some things you can do to make their lives more comfortable:

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How big do ferrets get?

The shelter management software I made for the GCFA allows us to pull some cool statistics like this! The average female ferret at the GCFA weighs 0.76 kg (1 lb 10.8 oz) and the average male weighs 1.07 kg (2 lb 5.7 oz). Males are 40% heavier on average. Over 99% of these ferrets are Marshall ferrets.

Average ferret weights at the GCFA

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