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Cheerble KittySpring Waterer Review

Is the KittySpring a good water fountain for ferrets?

by ferretpapa

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Cheerble KittySpring waterer

The Cheerble waterer (it was launched as the KittySpring on Kickstarter but later renamed) is an excellent water fountain that solves a lot of problems with water bowls and electric powered water fountains. Overall I love it and use 3 of them around my house.

Note: I am not getting paid or getting any referral commission if you buy this. It’s just my honest review!


  • Low dish is easy for all ferrets to drink. One of the downsides of attached water bowls is that they are too high for elderly and sick ferrets (or even short healthy ferrets) to reach, which leads to dehydration.
  • Shallow dish makes it less likely for them to dig water out or splash it. Every other water fountain I’ve tried, multiple of my ferrets would obsess with digging the water out. Which is adorable and a fun game for them so that has its uses too, but the Cheerble serves its purpose as an actual drinking fountain much better.
  • Heavy fountain is difficult for them to knock over. It also comes with an optional non-slip mat which attaches to the fountain. With the mat attached, it's nearly impossible for them to knock it over (but is slightly more difficult to clean).
  • Small form factor - they can even fit inside a cage!
  • Powered by gravity - no need for plugs or cords. This again makes it easy to place anywhere. It's also safe and literally silent.
  • Easy to clean - it’s very easy to remove the glass dish and wash and replace it. There are no filters to wash or replace.
  • Attractive design

It does have a few downsides but nothing major. Cons:

  • Dish can get clogged - since ferrets drop a lot of food crumbs in their water bowls, the fountain can sometimes get clogged.
  • Small water reservoir - the reservoir is much smaller than most fountains, but since the ferrets don’t dig the water out it probably actually lasts longer than larger ones! And it forces you to refill and wash the dish more often, which is actually a good thing (and also prevents clogging in the previous bullet point). So this is both a pro and a con. I typically have to refill the reservoir every other day.
  • Needs a level surface - since it’s powered by gravity, if it’s sitting on an incline it won’t work as well.
  • Easy for humans to accidentally knock over - I’ve tripped on it multiple times but that’s mostly my fault for not putting it against a wall.
  • A bit expensive - but worth it in my opinion. Also, since there are no filters that you need to replace, it's a one-time cost and ends up being cheaper over its lifetime.

Overall this waterer is fantastic. It actually serves its purpose of keeping ferrets hydrated and prevents them from making a mess. It has some minor flaws but works much better than any other fountain or bowl I’ve tried. I highly recommend it!

Personally though, I think powered fountains and deep water bowls are also good for ferrets to have. Some ferrets love digging water or diving and sticking their faces deep into water bowls. I think it’s important to let them have fun and play with water sometimes too. And if they make a mess, who cares? It’s just water and it’s much less damaging and easier to clean than the other messes they make.

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